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Welcome to Nookwiki,
the Animal Crossing encyclopedia.
We have currently 908 articles.



Please email Jessica with any questions regarding the NookWiki - or use the forums.

About the NookWiki

The NookWiki, the latest addition to NookBay, is an attempt to build a comprehensive encyclopedia of all Animal Crossing characters, items, events, and more. It may be edited by all registered NookBay users. If you have any ideas to make the wiki better, please feel free to tell us by commenting in the Main Page Discussion.

Featured articles

- To Be Done

- With a special thanks to Jessica for working so hard on the wiki lately.

Completed Sections

- *Wallpaper

- *Flooring

- *Neighbors

- *Tools

Article Layouts

Most of our articles under the same category will follow the same layout, as in Neighbors and *Wallpaper. Please check the Page Layouts before creating a new page, so that yours will match previous articles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I edit?

Just register and login to your NookBay account, and click on the red "Wiki" link in the top bar. You will see an "edit" button at the top of each article.

How do I create an article?
Type in the name of the article you want to create in the search box. You will see an option to create an article at the top if one doesn't already exist.

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