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This page has everything you need to get you started creating and editing Nookwiki pages.


How You Can Help

In the Nookwiki, anyone is free to create or modify articles and guides! Anyone with a Nookbay account is welcome to help out, here are a few ideas how you can contribute:

  • Create a new article: for an item, character, or anything else in the game that is missing. We don’t have a whole lot of articles yet, so you can help by making new articles and guides. In the future, others may update your article to make it even better!
  • Update existing articles: The point of a wiki is for a community to work together on articles – you are welcome to update articles if you see any mistakes, think it could be worded better, or if the format isn’t right.
  • Add images: A key part of our wiki is to have images of each item, character and more. You can take digital pictures of the game, scan in images from your Official Animal Crossing guidebook, or from the Nintendo website. Beyond that, please do not take images from other sites.
  • Format an article: If you're familiar with Mediawiki markup and think you can make a page look better, go to it! Divide pages into sections, split long pages, add in images -- anything you like to improve presentation of your favorite articles.
  • Edit an article: Check existing articles for spelling and grammar mistakes. Everyone will be thankful to have neat articles with everything spelled and written correctly.
  • Check for errors: in hack codes. A single button out of place could be the difference between victory and a reload screen.

Editing Pages

You must have a Nookbay account to start editing the wiki. Check the top right corner of the page to log in or create a new account. Once you are logged in, you will be ready to edit articles!

In order to edit a page you are viewing, just click the “Edit” tab above the pages header. This will take you to the edit page. All you have to do is make your changes and click “Save Page.” Once this is done, everyone can view your work.

If you’d like some practice before getting to work on real pages, check out the Sandbox. From this page you can learn how to edit and test out the Mediawiki markup

Also, you never have to worry about messing up a page. This page,, keeps track of all edits. So we can always fix it back to the original. So go on ahead and get working, there is nothing to lose!

Wiki markup

Mediawiki markup is complex compared to what many users are familiar with. You can learn it here - – and practice in the Sandbox. There you can learn everything in a quick and easy reference! Also note that there are many shortcut buttons above your edit window.


Templates give an article a more finished look. See this page to learn how templates work - – and feel free to test them out in the Sandbox before applying them to actual pages.

Discussion pages

Right after the “Article” tab on each page is a “Discussion” tab. You can use this to work with other users on editing the page. It can also be used to make off topic comments about that specific article or to ask questions to the author/s or other users about it.

Creating an Article

Is there an item, character or topic in the game that doesn’t have an article yet? Then get to it and make the article yourself! Type the title of article in the Search Box and press Go. If there isn’t an article with that title yet, you will see a link at the top that says “create this page.” Click here and you will be sent to a page to start editing your article!

Before you start

Check articles with similar content to see how they are laid out. We would like similar formats across the wiki and this will save people the time of editing that area of your article. If you are unsure of how to do it, test it out on the Sandbox before committing to an acticle.

One page format

A one page article will be ideal for just about anything in our wiki.

Book format

A book format will break the article down into multiple pages. Each page will have a different topic. These could have something like,

Animal Crossing: Wild World/Overview

Here you could divide the article into sections that link throughout the wiki, such as,

Animal Crossing: Wild World/Characters

Animal Crossing: Wild World/Bug Collecting


Animal Crossing: Wild World/Furniture Sets

However, be careful trying to make these. As said above, most articles cab thoroughly be covered in a simple one page article, and book formats will be overkill.

Writers Voice

Avoid writing “I” or “me.” First person writing is not appropriate for most articles. Of course there may be exceptions, but for the most part, just leave personal references out of it or post them in the discussion area.

Copying from other sites

Copying information or images from other sites is strictly prohibited. You are welcome to rephrase information, or to enter it in your own format, but DO NOT copy and paste.

Screenshots, images and fan art

Please only use images from the official Nintendo website or game guides, or images taken or drawn by yourself. Do not directly link, or save and rehost images from any other websites. Also, do not use fan art in any articles other than Fan Art.

Helping others find your guide

To make it easier for people to find your guide, it is smart to place articles in multiple categories. Don’t put it anywhere it doesn’t belong, but if it is relevant, place it in as many categories as possible. To add your article to a category, simply put the following into the bottom of your page:


Replace NAME with the category name you would like to use. To put your page into more than one category, just duplicate that line and change the name.

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