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Animal Crossing a series of games designed and produced by Nintendo, with titles available for the Gamecube, and more recently, the DS. These games are designed to simulate real life, in a not-so-matter-of-fact way, as all the other residents of your town are creatures from all over the animal kingdom.

The basic principle in both versions, is to get a house, pay off the mortgage, upgrade your house, and pay it off again. You may also collect furniture, to make the inside of your house more appealing to yourself, while also gaining points from the H.R.A., and to help the other animals in your town perform their daily lifes, and being rewarded for helping them.

In the Gamecube version, travel between other peoples towns was rather limited, as you had to have the memory card with the other players town data. Using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection however, the DS version has excelled in the fact that it allows anyone to meet anyone else from accross the world, with a brief swapping of friend codes beforehand, which takes place on many Forums.

The DS version has seen many updates since the original version on the Gamecube, such as new golden tools, some new types of fish, two further wings added to your local museum, and of course, new animals to befriend. With the new addition of hairstyles at Harriet's in Nookington's, and headgear in the Able sister's shop, you can create a character that can easily express more emotion in their appearance than ever before.

In the not too distant future, it is expected that a further expansion of the game will appear on Nintendo's newest console, the Wii (formally known as the Revolution), with even further improvements.

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