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Welcome to Nookbay! Please take a moment to read through our top ten rules, as well as guidelines for other parts of the site. You're welcome to PM myself or a moderator if you have any questions concerning these rules.

General Rules

  • Be respectful of all other users/moderators/admins.
  • Keep material 'family friendly'.
  • Avoid spamming.
  • Avoid bumping old topics.
  • Follow copyright.
  • Keep images to a decent size.
  • Type in english.
  • Private Messages are confidential. 
  • Do not create multiple accounts. 
  • Do not impersonate staff or members. 

- Please do not use our forums, wiki or chat as a way to gain new users for your website, or to promote other sites. You may, however, have one link in your signature.

- All of the above rules apply to the chat rooms
- If you are being harassed via PM's, copy and paste the converation to a moderator or admin.
- Our chat room is strictly age 13+, members younger than 13 will be banned from chat. This is for your own safety.
- Do not use the ignore function on moderators or administrators.

Signatures and Avatars
- Keep images appropriate.
- Avatars should be no more than 100x100 pixels.
- Signatures should be no more than 600 pixels wide and 200 pixels tall.

- We may edit or delete posts.
- We may kick or ban members from chat.
- Admins may temporarily or permanently ban members

- If you disagree with the judgement of a moderator, contact an admin immediately. Please do not go to other moderators or the one whom you are questioning.
- If you disagree with the judgement of an administrator, contact the other administrator. Please do not go to other moderators with your concern.
- Do NOT publicly discuss moderator or administrator decisions. This means on the forums or in chat, and decisions that do and do not involve you.

We expect all members to read the rules, therefore not knowing of a rule will not be an excuse for breaking it. Also, you are responsible for what happens on your account. If rules are broken by a friend or family member, you are still responsible for the consequences.

Any members found to be using this site to find peoples towns to destroy will be permanently IP banned and their IP will be refered to all other FC Sharing sites so they can decide if they would like to ban you as well. This is a friendly community and we will not tolerate people attempting to wreck it.
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