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Random stuff (rare)Item ID: 41160  
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Bidding is closed. No more bids are accepted for this item
Current bid : 8,200 Bells
Start Bid : 7,000 Bells
#Bids : 28 view history
Time Left : bidding closed
Started : Jan. 18, 2009 15:53:43
Ends : Jan. 25, 2009 15:53:43
Status : Open
Reserve met
High Bid : 8,200 Bells
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you might not know what this stuff is but trust me its worth it!
This item has been viewed 4306 times

Question i will pay you 10000 bells my internet channel on wii timed out and i missed the auction plz give me the rare items for 10000 bells
Question I don't know wat rare items you'll selling but' i'm takin the chance anyway.
Question ill pay u 20000
Question i will give you exatly 99,000
Question im willing to pay 200 000 just cuz im so rich.
Question i'll pay 10,000,000, just for the fun of it
Question for the heck of it 20 million xD
Question 30 million. Beat that!
Question Is this for City Folk or Wild World?
Question Ummmmm 30,000
Question hay i will pay $20000 if yuo tell me the exact items
Question i will pay 500,000,000
Question cf or ww?
Question cf or ww
Question one hundred million!!!!im rich
Question ill pay u 100,00 and another5 itme you want or a full set of lovely itmess ps u get 59,000 points from the hra.
Question I could beat 300,000,000 Bells but I don't want to. lmao.
Question Is this for wild world or city folk
Question I'll pay 50,000
Question ill pay 50 million bells + ivory piano white bishop and anything you see in my house XD im serious.
Question ill pay 880,000000 im not joking
Question How do you bid?
Question holy shiz forget this i aint payin over 880 mill just for some rare stuff i dun even KNOW about!!
Question Gimme a clue what rare items they are and i'll pay... 1,0000,0000,0000,000,000,000,0000,000,000,0000,0000,000,0000,0000,00000,0000,00000 or more cuz my bells never run outill pay more than that if u want lol just tell me ur FC and town name and name and we got it
Question omygod, why are you all bidding so high if you don't even know what you're bidding for
Question it could just b the full mario funiture stuff...
Question i'll pay 29 grand of bells for them
Question I think its something stupid!!!
Question accf or acww?
Question is this for wild world or city folk?
Question i'll pay 10000.sorry,i'm saving $
Question ill pay 1 million
Question im rich too i have 999,999,999 bells. but thats only in one account
Question i dont know how to bid
Question same i have 999,999,999
Question what are the "rare" things
Question Hey if you play CF could you get me a golden rose? It's for a birthday present for a friend.
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Bidding is closed. No more bids are accepted for this item
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